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Coastal Clean-up Day coming


Mark your calenders and grab a trash bag. September 25th is the 25th annual International Coastal Cleanup.

When:    September 25, 2010
Where:    Beaches of New York State, including Long Island Sound, the Hudson River, Atlantic Ocean, and the Great Lakes, Finger Lakes, and creeks and bays.
Who:    You and thousands of other volunteers, led by Beach Captains from local environmental groups, schools, scout leaders, corporate public service directors, divers, civic associations, etc.

* To clean the beach and document what litters our shores
* To compile data to devise strategies to combat pollution
* To increase public participation in solving the problem of pollution
* To increase public awareness and appreciation of the coastal environment

Go to the above link, click on “Beach Cleanup” (it’s under the crab) and scroll down to find the link detailing local cleanups. You can read more about the event here.

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