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A wren in my garage


There’s a Carolina wren living in my garage. I discovered the tenant when I grabbed a plastic pail hanging from one of the beams in the garage. The mother wren flew out of the bucket. Looking inside, I spotted the nest with five eggs in it.

Earlier that day I was working on the porch and a wren with some nest material in its beak landed on one of the chairs, making me wonder where it was building a nest. Initially, I was afraid the bird had managed to make its nest and lay its eggs during the time the garage doors were open on Saturday and Sunday and wouldn’t have access to its home when they were shut. Turns out, though, the wren has managed to find some way in. It’s an old house and the garage doors are two large, wood doors that swing out. They are by no means critter-proof as evidenced by the numerous mice I catch in traps in the garage.

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