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Ssss means spring and snakes


tjndc5-5b3xn6xtqtvf0l5i6m5_layoutSpring is here. I say that because the garter snakes at home are on the move. On the move both in the closet and our bedroom. Starting at about 4 this morning.

The cat discovered the first snake, who appeared under the baseboard heater in the closet in the pre-dawn darkness. We live in an old, 1800s-era house that has a lot of openings through which snakes can slither and other critters, such as crickets, occasionally appear.

A snake or two has made an appearance in the dining room at times. Today was the first time one was discovered upstairs. The cat was beside herself with joy and, perhaps, a bit perplexed at these creatures that appeared seemingly from nowhere and were tantalizingly like a piece of string. She was also covered in dust bunnies from squeezing behind the dresser in pursuit of snake No. 2.

(TJN photo)

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