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Hummingbird success


So I put the hummingbird feeder back out last week and the local hummingbirds seem to be enjoying it. I had mentioned my failure last year to attract hummingbirds to the feeder and a commenter on an earlier post suggested making nectar by mixing together 1 part white granulated cane sugar to 4 parts water. humming1.jpg

That seems to have done the trick. Last year, I’m ashamed to admit, I was using a store-bought mix for hummingbird nectar. This year, with the homemade version, it’s almost non-stop hummingbirds at the feeder. Spend five minutes on the front porch and you’re almost guaranteed to see one.

humming2.jpgWe seem to have at least three ruby-throated hummingbirds in the neighborhood. I’ve seen two females (or immature males) together at the feeder. Other times, I’ve seen a male by himself.

Here’s more information on the tiny birds. And a thank you to Zoe Ann Hinds for her tip.

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