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Laundry just got more exciting


A bear under her deck. That’s what Southeast resident Maffalda Clair just called to tell me about, her Sunday morning company.

Clair, mother of former Brewster Fire Chief Ken Clair, said she went out on the deck early that morning to hang her laundry on her clothesline.

“I heard rustling under the deck. He comes out and looks right at me. I yelled and I dropped the (clothes) basket,” Clair recalled. tjndc5-5khmky2vih512xu8ygsb_layout.jpg

She lives on the north side of Route 6, just outside of the Brewster village limits. The bear, she said, ambled away in the direction of the woods and an old railroad line. She wondered if it was the same bruin that was struck by a car earlier this month in town.

There’s been a lot of bear news lately. Don’t forget the Peekskill bear (seen in TJN photographer Stuart Bayer’s (no relation) photo). Here’s Stuart’s video of that bear being tranquilized.

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