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Bird real estate


With no leaves on the trees or shrubs, now is the best time to spot bird nests – albeit ones left from last year. These avian leftovers are miniature bits of complicated, wondrous architecture, as the current issue of Audubon magazine points out.

“Somehow a small bird knew how to gather the myriad materials for this structure. Somehow this bird arranged scores of small pieces of twig and grass and weed and bark, weaving them together with such precision that the nest is still sturdy and secure after being exposed to the winter’s rain and wind. Considered in the proper light, this little bundle of dried vegetation is really a small miracle.”

The article looks at photographer Sharon Beals’ effort to make nest portraits and includes a lot of up-close photos of nests. nest.jpg

The nest in this photo sits right next to the parking lot at the paper’s Mount Kisco office. It’s a woven-together mass of litter and twigs, plastic and mud. A plastic strap or two, the kind used to bundle together stacks of newspapers, are part of the nest. Beals’ photos are a much better.

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