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Wetlands, wine and dinner


What goes best with wood frogs and salamanders, red or white? Find out Saturday at the Putnam County Land Trust’s Vernal Pool Walk and Wine. It’s a chance to learn about the temporary pools tjndc5-5baosgjnq6a5h2296bw_layout.jpg that appear each spring and provide vital homes to amphibians and a place to rest and feed for birds. The land trust’s program starts at 3 p.m. at 254 Horsepound Road in Kent and is free and open to the public. The wine, I’m told, comes after the walk.

(An update/clarification of sorts from the PCLT president: The walk and following wine and pot luck is by reservation only and is limited in number. Anyone wishing to attend must call 228 5635 to make reservations and sign up to bring something for the gathering. Once capacity is reached people will be wait listed.)

The pool in the photo to the right is at the Teatown Lake Reservation in Yorktown, as is the spring peeper below dwarfed by Teatown executive director Fred Koontz’s fingers. Both photos are by TJN photographer Stuart Bayer. The two of us were on a peeper search a couple of years ago.

tjndc5-5baolbr7ch4dl3py6bw_layout.jpgGetting back to the Putnam County Land Trust, the organization is holding its annual dinner and auction on Saturday, April 19. Details can be found through the preceding link. At the dinner, the group will be honoring three Kent residents for their “exemplary care and advocacy for the environment in Putnam County.” The honorees are George Baum and Jim and Wilma Baker.

George is being recognized for his work with the county Environmental Management Council and the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee. He served as chairman of both. During his tjndc5-5b5eern7og21kf2tsezi_layout.jpg tenure, the CAC restored the Mt. Nimham Fire Tower. The photo to the right shows Baum and Jim Baker in the fire tower (courtesy of TJN photographer Joe Larese).

The Bakers are being honored for opening and operating the Kent Recycling Center.

To read more about the honorees, click here for a write-up by PCLT president Judy Terlizzi and PCLT members Beth Herr and Bill Buck. (Right click and choose “Open in a new window.”)

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