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Bees on PBS


When you’re done watching “The War” on PBS, mark your viewing calender for Oct. 28 and the season premiere of PBS’ Nature. That show will focus on the worldwide die-off of honeybees.

This is the first in-depth documentary to cover this breaking story of ecological crisis,� says Fred Kaufman, executive producer of NATURE. “People may be stunned to discover just how dire the consequences of honeybee colony collapse could be.�

More from PBS:

Honeybees are responsible for one of every three bites of food we eat. Each year, they pollinate $14 billion worth of crops and seeds in the U.S. alone. Their total decimation would be catastrophic from the local to the global level – failed businesses, skyrocketing food prices, unsustainable labor costs, and depleted supplies of fruits, nuts, vegetables, plants, and more.”

For more on honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder, go here and here.

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