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Secrets in the Hudson River


More than 200 species of fish call the Hudson River home at some point in their lives. And yesterday, Tom Lake, an estuary naturalist with the state Department of Environmental Conservation, pulled in a few of them during one of the Hudson River Valley Ramble sessions. lake.jpg

At Plum Point over in Orange County (it sits across the river from Bannerman Castle and Breakneck Ridge near Cold Spring), Lake strung a seine net out in the Hudson a few times. Each haul brought in hundreds of tiny, flopping fish (baby fish that were born tstripedbass1.jpghis year) and a few blue crabs. Most of the fish were blueback herring. But there were a few striped bass (see photo at left) and Atlantic menhaden (Photo below shows Lake holding a menhaden).

There were also several other species but I was more involved helping my 5-year-old daughter participate in the splashing and the fishing than in taking notes. menhaden.jpg

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