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Testing water faster


A new water quality test will be demonstrated for the media today, but everyone has a stake in knowing whether it’s safe to swim in the ocean or other waterways as quickly as possible.

Alan J. Steinberg, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s region 2 director, will host the demo at the agency’s Edison Laboratories in Edison, New Jersey.

The new test yields results in as few as three hours, a significant improvement over the current 24-hour test. Both tests check for the presence of bacteria that cause disease.

The possibility of the presence of such bacteria has led to the shutdown of beaches and the imposition of no-swimming bans following heavy rain storms and when pollution is suspected in the water.

If the new test shows no worrisome bacteria sooner, beaches can remain open and swimmers can stay in the water, both of which can aid local economies and keep your vacation enjoyable.

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